Tips For Tenants

Preparation is Key

The most obvious but often most overlooked tip to securing your ideal rental property is being ready to apply for home for home before you find one.

Utilize application portals such as 1from. This online application system is used by prospective tenants and property managers to streamline the application process. You have the ability to create a profile complete with payslips,references, employment details, current rental history etc. prior to viewing a property. This gives you are running start by having your application complete before first inspection and should you like the property allows you to submit your application almost immediately. As the saying goes first in first served !

Book an Inspection

It is important to view the property prior to submitting your application , firstly because you are unable to move in prior to viewing the property but also it is important that the property suits your needs. Attending inspections also shows your keeniness on the property and gives you the opportunity to build report with the property manager prior to submitting your application, after all this is the person that is more than likely going to be submitting your application to the owner.

Make a Good Impression

When inspecting a property the impression you make is key to securing a home.

Greet the leasing agent or property manger present, treat this opportunity more like an interview – present well and be polite. If a prospective tenant appears demanding and rude on first impression, this may cause concern for the property manager with how the individual will be as a tenant.