Moving house – the countdown checklist

Moving house is recognised as one of life’s biggest stressors, but as we’ve learned over the years, there are ways to make it easier. It all comes down to being organised and planning ahead. Our checklist takes you from the usual six-week period from settlement to moving day: congratulations on your new home and good luck with the move!

6 weeks to go

·      Book a removalist. Ask us for personal recommendations and get quotes from at least three companies. Check whether they charge by the day or hour, provide boxes, offer a packing service if you require it, and if insurance is included. 

·      Buy, hire or collect boxes and packing materials. You can hire boxes of all sizes from Sydney company Hire A Box; they deliver boxes to your house and pick them up again within three months of moving. It’s cheaper than buying boxes and solves the problem of disposing of them later. 

·      Do your bit for the planet and buy eco-friendly honeycomb paper wrap (available at Officeworks) rather than plastic bubble wrap.

·      Lightweight, zip-top reusable bags are great for transporting clothes, bedlinen, soft toys and cushions (available at Kmart and Bunnings). 

5 weeks to go

·      Start decluttering, sorting and packing. Starting this process early means you can break it down into smaller sessions, so it’s not overwhelming. Sort things into Bin, Recycle (for unwanted but reasonable quality goods that can go to charity shops) and Pack.

·      Focus on one room or area at a time – for example your wardrobe, bathroom cabinets, desks – and ask yourself if you really need to keep (and pay to transport) something you never use or wear.

·      Pack things you don’t use regularly first; small boxes for heavy stuff, larger boxes for lighter items.

·      Label every box on the top and side, noting the contents and designated room (Books/Living Room, etc). 

·      Don’t forget everything in your garage or garden shed!

·      Organise a garage sale and/or skip hire for the week before moving day.

4 weeks to go

·      Make arrangements for childcare and pets on moving day.

3 weeks to go

·      Notify your bank, phone and utility providers of your new address and moving date. You can easily update your details for a range of services, including mail redirection, at Service NSW.

2 weeks to go

·      Check what you still have to Bin, Recycle and Pack – and keep going! Plastic storage boxes are ideal for bathroom and kitchen items that might leak.

·      Back up your computers and devices, and store important documents such as passports, birth certificates and medical prescriptions in one clearly labelled Documents Box that you will take with you rather than load onto the removalist’s truck. 

·      Start using up food in your freezer: fridges and freezers should be switched off 24 hours before the move and take time to work again after the move. Check out Choice’s guide to moving fridges and freezers. 

·      Book a cleaner to come in after you’ve moved out.

1 weeks to go

·      Pack a Moving Day Box. This should include a kettle, mugs, tea, coffee, basic cutlery, kids’ favourite toys, bedclothes, pyjamas, cleaning products, toilet paper and bathroom essentials such as soap, towels, toothbrushes and toothpaste. 

·      Pack a Valuables Box that you will take with you in the car, along with your Documents Box, for jewellery, photo albums, precious keepsakes and medications. Put device chargers in your Valuables Box on moving day.

·      Leave out guides and guarantees for appliances such as the dishwasher and oven for the new owners. 

Moving day

·      Dismantle beds and keep screws, allen keys and related bits and pieces in a clearly labelled ziploc bag that will go in your Moving Day box.

·      When everything is loaded into the truck and your car, check all rooms and cupboards to ensure nothing has been left behind.

·      Unpack the essentials as soon as you can at your new home: beds are the first priority!

If you’re thinking of buying or selling in Sydney’s Hills District and would like to know more about current market trends, talk to us!