6 easy ways to update your bathroom this spring

If your bathroom is a little tired but doesn’t need a complete renovation, there are some simple and relatively inexpensive things you can do yourself – or with the help of a local tradie – to give it a fresh, contemporary look. Check out our top tips here. 

Repaint the walls, tiles and tub

A fresh coat of paint works wonders in any room, and because the bathroom is one of our most-used spaces it needs refreshing more often than other rooms. Think about the overall colour scheme – white and neutrals don’t date and will make small bathrooms appear larger. Paint ranges for bathrooms are specially formulated to be moisture-resistant and wipeable; you might also have to apply a mould treatment. Painting the tiles can certainly give your bathroom an instant lift, but it’s not a long-term solution. Real Homes has detailed DIY advice here. Resurfacing the bathtub or the shower can also produce excellent results, but this is a job best done by experts; check out Bathroom Werx, a company that services all areas across Sydney. 

Replace the vanity

Designs for bathroom vanity units have improved dramatically in the past few years – in fact, now we’re spoilt for choice. Before you buy a new vanity, measure the whole bathroom as well as the available space for the unit, bearing in mind the location of your existing plumbing – changing the plumbing makes an easy job a lot harder and more expensive. Check out The Blue Space for an incredible range of sizes, styles and prices. 

Update your tapware

Whether or not you decide to replace your vanity (and basin), installing new taps and shower heads will sharpen up the look of your bathroom. The style, material and colour of tapware should enhance your bathroom’s overall design; check out Houzz for inspiration. New colours in tapware reflect the recent trend for bathrooms that have a chic-hotel, spa or rustic-country ambience; finishes in warm tones of brass, gold, gunmetal have proved popular, while matt black is a lovely complement to marble tops and tiles. If you’re planning to replace a mixer tap, talk to a licensed plumber. 

Replace (or clean) the shower screen 

Glass shower screens often become permanently clouded with residue and if you’ve tried every trick you know on yours to no effect (yes, including scraping it and applying white vinegar solutions) it’s time to replace it. Again, there are many styles to choose from; frameless, semi-frameless, frosted, over-bath, bi-fold – much depends on your bathroom layout and style. When choosing a new shower screen, go for one that has a hydrophobic coating, which is a layer that repels water and prevents scum accumulating. 

Update the lighting, mirror and extractor fan

If you want your bathroom to be more of a sanctuary than an ablutions block, look at lighting options that are calming, bright enough for close-up jobs such as shaving and applying make-up, and also energy efficient. Beacon Lighting, which has a store in Castle Hill, has a huge range of lights and systems and helpful online advice. Consider replacing a standard rectangular mirror with one that is round, domed, back-lit or bronze-tinted, for a more uplifting experience first thing in the morning. Extractor fans aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing accessories but they are essential; see Fansonline, or give your existing fan a thorough clean. 

Remove clutter

If your new vanity unit is already full to overflowing with products, you’ll need to either recycle or re-organise. Depending on the available space in your bathroom, hooks, over-door hanging storage organisers, shelves and narrow vertical storage units can effectively hide clutter. Towel racks, whether fixed or standing, keep the bathroom tidy; check out Ikea’s extensive range of bathroom storage solutions here.

If you are considering selling your Hills District home and would like some free tips on which areas of your property to update or renovate in advance of putting your home on the market, please do not hesitate to get in touch.